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What We Do

This is a run-down of the sort of process we go through when someone comes to us to design and build an exhibition stand.

Stage 1: The Initial Meeting.

This is where we sit down together, discuss initial ideas, proposed size, budget, time-line and all other essential details.

Here’s a picture of me with two important clients discussing their needs for a forthcoming event. We’re all looking slightly uncomfortable in front of the camera!

Stage 2: First Sketches.

From this type of initial meeting and a discussion of ideas between our team members, we produce some off-the-cuff sketches like the one below on which the basis of our presentation is started.


This stage can last some time because with further meetings and further sketches, we in the end arrive at something that is actually what we hope our customer wants.

Stage 3: The Mock Up

For me (and for the customer too) this is usually the most exciting stage because our designers actually produce something that looks like the real thing!

Do you remember those pictures of hotels in holiday brochures which were entitled “Artist’s Impression” – and then when you got there the real thing looked NOTHING like the picture?

Well, our designs are NOT “artist’s impressions”. What you see is what you get. As you’ll notice further down, it’s difficult to tell the difference between the design and the photos of the actual stand.

Here’s the mock up of the SIS design


And here’s the design from a different angle


As well as the mock up, if there are individual items that require special attention we provide a detailed design of those too.

In this instance it was a particular coffee dispenser which was an important component part. Our client wanted a “coffee shop” feel to encourage visitors to come up and visit the stand. We added the machine with some soft furniture to create an environment to make them feel comfortable. Here’s the coffee machine.


Stage 4: The Build

Everything is pre-built in our workshops long before the exhibition starts. The on-site process is always an exciting one as you gradually see the whole design becoming reality. Here are some pictures of the build process.




Stage 5: The Completed Stand

Here’s a photo of the completed stand, all graphics on, client’s products ready to be shown off and just waiting for the hall carpet to go down (which is always the night before the show opens!). Another prize winning stand delivered on time and on budget by Bentley!

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